Best Golf Driver for Beginners Without Screwing Your Wallet

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Golf Driver

Priced for those with a small budget, the PGX Offset Golf Driver from Pinemeadow Golf is our choice for the best golf driver for beginners. This capable and affordable driver makes it an easy addition to the bag for any beginner golfer or budget conscious player.

Offset Your Nagging Slice

Offset clubs are advertised to help with the slice that plague not only beginners but many seasoned golfers. The offset refers to how the clubhead is set back slightly from the neck of the shaft, which helps square the face of the club to the target by the time it strikes the ball. Pinemeadow Golf calls it “Anti-Slice Technology”, but that is just fancy advertising. The PGX Driver isn’t breaking any new ground with the design as offset clubs have been around for many years. However, what makes this offset driver attractive is that it comes in at a budget-friendly price.

Shaft offset from club face

If you are one of the many people that have a moderate slice on your tee shot, then this driver might just do the trick to get you back on the fairway. Unfortunately, if you have a horrible swing, an offset driver is not going to make your shot straight. The club can’t cure everything.

From my experience, the offset club allows you to enjoy the game without fussing about mastering the mechanics of a perfect swing to eliminate the slice. The golf purist might think this these type of clubs are masking a problem in your swing. In my opinion, who gives a shit as long as my ball goes straight. It’s not cheating, my score is better, and I’m encouraged to play more golf. Sounds like a good deal to me.

If you already have a pretty good swing without a slice, this club will tend to send your ball downrange with a slight draw to the left. Most beginners don’t mind in that the ball has more topspin and rolls farther down the fairway. If your shot is that consistent, you can easily compensate and use the draw to your advantage.

You Won’t Get Shafted

The regular graphite shaft has a respectable amount of flex as one would expect from the material. I find the regular flex of this club to be suitable for beginners with slow to average swing speeds. I didn’t feel the flex was flimsy and my shots on the driving range were consistent. If you have a fast or strong swing, which is not common for beginners, you might want to steer clear of this particular shaft. For those situations, a club with a stiffer shaft may be more suitable for your needs.

One thing I did notice when comparing to other drivers is that the shaft seems to be a little shorter than other other manufacturers. While this might be bothersome for some, I think the shorter shaft is helpful for beginners. But, the shorter shaft might result in a few yards lost off the tee. I believe many beginners should happily give up a few yards on distance in exchange for having a straight shot.

Lofty Balls

This club is only available in a 10.5-degree loft, which is in the middle of the road when compared to other drivers. This sould be just fine for beginners. With this angle, I find it easier to get the ball confidently into the air and down the middle of the fairway.

Naysayers believe the 10.5-degree angle will not launch the ball as far as your buddies hitting clubs with a shallower angle. However, while your friends are slicing off to the right, your PGX Offset Driver will get your ball in the middle of your fairway. Better to be straight on the fairway with a little less distance than have a messy shot out in the weeds. Nobody is going to be bragging about a long shot that lands in the rough.

Bigger is Better

The club head itself is not especially noteworthy. At 460cc, it is as large as regulation allows, but the shape also provides ample surface area to make contact with the ball. You don’t even have to be perfectly in the center of the face to send that ball downrange. This big head is very helpful for the beginner golfer.

Fit and Finish

The matte-black finish with the white and green markings are tasteful, but this is not the sexiest club on the market. But, in this price range do not expect to compare it to the more expensive drivers that are sporting the high-tech look.

The club finish will definitely show it’s wear and tear as it is relatively easy to scratch, but that should be expected of a club in this price category. Beginners are especially hard on their drivers as hitting the ground or severely topping the ball are common occurrences. Even if the club does pick up some battle-scars, just remind yourself of the great price you paid for this club and you will be fine with the blemishes.

A standard looking headcover is included at no extra cost and will keep your club protected when nestled in the bag or tossed in your trunk. There is nothing fancy about the cover, but does show off the PGX logo and seems to be durably made.

Left Handed, No Problem

For you lefties out there, Pinemeadow Golf does offer the PGX Offset in a left-handed configuration as an option. As typical for most manufacturers, the left-hand configuration may cost a few dollars more than the right-handed counterpart.

For the Bad-Swing Days

Anyone who has played golf regular knows that some days our swings are worse than others. When warming up on the range, we can find ourselves consistently slicing a bit when we were not the day before. Aggravating as that is, having more than one driver in your arsenal can still allow you to enjoy the round even on those off-days. 

On the “slice days”, simply swap out your driver for the PGX Offset Driver so your ball will be out of the rough. On your good days, keep the PGX in your trunk and go with your other driver. When such a club is priced so low, it is easier to justify having more than one driver available to you.

Fun Without Breaking the Bank

As your scorecard starts to look better, you will have much more fun playing the game and lose fewer balls. I think you’ll be so attached to this driver, that you’ll look at replacing other clubs in your bag long before replacing this driver.

You’ll have fun off the tee and the PGX Offset Golf Driver is a great starter club before you invest hard-earned dollars into a high-end club. Priced less than a couple of rounds at a community course, you can’t go wrong with this driver with the added bonus of not needing to justify an extensive purchase to your significant other. You’ll be hard-pressed to beat this deal when shopping for the best golf driver for beginners.

For Beginners with Money to Burn…

If you are a beginner and feel more comfortable buying a driver from a leading manufacturer and are fine spending a little more money, my other beginner pick is the TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver. This is a great looking driver that performs well. 

The RBZ is not an offset driver, so it should be reserved for those beginners that have their slice relatively under control.  The other advantage of this TaylorMade club is that it is available in 3 different shafts and 3 different loft configurations. I’ll be doing a detailed review of this club in the future.

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