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I have loved playing golf for a very long time now. One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that I am not a great golf player and likely never will be. Some people newer to golf might think I’m pretty good, but I suppose all of that skill is relative. However, keeping my goals with golf realistic has made the game a very enjoyable activity for me.

Probably the most valuable thing I learned about golf is that the game is about the player, not the equipment. Buying the best rated or most expensive equipment will not make you a better golfer.

Developing golf skills is like anything else in that it takes a lot of practice and repetition. I believe one of the keys to enjoying golf is finding the right equipment that suites your own particular golfing style and preference. Everyone is going to be different.

Manufacturers of golf equipment have been very successful in their marketing campaigns by touting great scientific breakthroughs in exotic materials and design. Some of this is helpful and some of it is not. In my opinion, the vast majority of it doesn’t matter for the beginner golfer.

With more options available with golf products than ever before, I hope this site can provide you some insight in selecting the products that are right for you, and hopefully bringing you a little more joy in this great game.

See you on the links!